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About Us

At Libratum, we are on a mission to transform the lives and wellbeing of people at work. We are a leading provider of employee wellness programs, helping companies to build happy, healthy, high-performing teams.


Our employee wellness programs are underpinned by the Libratum philosophy of holistic wellbeing, supported by a specialist tech-platform and a team of professional wellness experts, that educate, motivate and inspire employees to perform at their best. Libratum was co-founded by mother-daughter duo, Megan Wesley and Suzette Tagg.

Only the best will do. That is our philosophy when it comes to our team and the services we deliver. 

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Libratum is supported by a large team of industry-leading Libratum Experts who specialise in their subject area within health, wellness and personal development. Our qualified and experienced Wellness Experts are dedicated to ongoing research and development, ensuring they maintain the highest standards of expertise and knowledge in line with the latest concepts and science.

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