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Libratum WellConnect Program

For Enterprise Businesses


Businesses thrive when people thrive.

Libratum WellConnect Program is fully managed, interactive employee wellbeing program, that delivers an  exceptional employee experience for enterprise businesses.


This is a holistic wellness program, that enhances and supports individual employee wellbeing, team relationships and collaboration, as well as skills development.


We collaborate with you to build an employee wellbeing strategy and a fully managed, customised wellness program that meets your needs, supported by a dedicated success team. The Libratum WellConnect Program is a one-stop shop for all your employee wellbeing needs.

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Libratum WellConnect Program

A customised, scalable and fully managed solution,

with everything in one place 

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Your Program Success Team 

Collaborating with you and your team to drive a successful program, that continues to evolve as the needs of your organisation change.  

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