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KeyedIn Launches Employee Wellness Program, In Partnership with Libratum

KeyedIn, a leader in Agile Portfolio Management, launches its innovative employee wellness program. Libratum Life provides KeyedIn’s global workforce with a hosted platform and suite of wellness services that supports and accelerates multiple wellness initiatives across the full spectrum of wellbeing.

The program provides employees with inspiring and engaging tools and resources that support them in taking care of their personal wellbeing, including the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global software company was founded in 2011 by former EPICOR® CEO George Klaus and EVP of Worldwide Sales and Services, Lauri Klaus. KeyedIn has since grown an international team across the United States and Europe; during this time, they have maintained a strong focus and commitment to employee wellbeing.

“Through our wellness program, we want to build a social environment that truly supports our employees across the entire spectrum of physical, mental and intellectual wellbeing,” says KeyedIn CEO, Lauri Klaus. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Libratum Life on this great program, which is a refreshing and innovative approach to wellbeing in the workplace.”

“We know that when our people are highly engaged and supported, business performance increases and so does our profitability,” says Chief Financial Officer Matt Muldoon. “Aside from providing our workforce with the right tools and support they need, the wellness program will help us maintain a great workplace culture and enable our teams to perform at their best.”

Key features of the Wellness Program include:

  • Co-branded Wellness Hub - new content and activities each week

  • Wellness Academy (masterclass, workshop and events)

  • Wellness Pulse – research and insights

  • Wellness Hub Community

  • Wellness Ambassador Initiative

  • Wellness Support

  • Program Management

About Libratum

Libratum delivers employee wellness programs and solutions that enable businesses to perform at their best, from the inside out. Founded by mother-daughter duo, Suzette Tagg and Megan Wesley, Libratum’s vision is to transform the lives and wellbeing of people at work and their mission is to help companies build a conscious culture of awareness and positive change, where people are empowered to achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals.

About KeyedIn

At KeyedIn, our mission is to make our customers more successful by empowering them to place the right bets, turn quickly and deliver faster. As a leader in Agile Portfolio Management, KeyedIn offers a suite of SaaS solutions that support business transformation, strategy realization and organizational change. The company’s award-winning products go beyond simple project management to encompass portfolio analysis, scenario modeling, capacity planning, product portfolio management, strategic resource management and more – supporting the evolving needs of PMOs, ePMOs and SROs. Join the hundreds of customers that have partnered with KeyedIn, including Walgreens Boots Alliance, Universal Electronics and Office Depot.

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