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Libratum Presents at Riverbed Technology's Connection and Culture Day

Riverbed’s Connection and Culture Day hosted Libratum Co-founders, Suzette Tagg and Megan Wesley, as guest speakers to help drive the message of wellness within the organisation.

As employers of between1,000-5,000 staff globally, Riverbed understands the importance of employee wellbeing during pandemic and beyond. The Connection and Culture Day was hosted by Senior Vice President EMEA, Elie Dib, HR Leader EMEA, Kim Coombs and Vice President EMEA Marketing, Sumi Shukla, demonstrating their commitment to wellbeing.

Libratum were invited to present on the topic of their Six Elements Philosophy, which received fantastic feedback from those who attended.

"Thank you Libratum, I enjoyed the session and found your 6 element philosophy really helpful"

- Kim Coombs, HR Leader EMEA

"So glad we could do this and thank you Suzette and Megan for a great, thought provoking presentation!"

- Sumi Shukla, Vice President EMEA Marketing

"Thank you, Libratum! My team & I really appreciate it. Stepping back and looking at the balances we have is so important."

- Rob Curley, Sales Leader

"Thank you very much Libratum, it was a great session!"

- Shannen Mayers, Marketing Specialist

"Loved the session. Thankyou"

- Sharon Smith, Director

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