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Corporate Wellness

Designed for every business size and scope

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Our Wellness Program

Three options to suit every size and scope

The Libratum Wellness Program is designed for businesses of every size and scope. 

The Program includes a blend of online engaging and educational content from our network of Professional Wellness Experts. 

Plus, inspiring and interactive workshops, live webinars, motivational classes, fun challenges and events, as well as exciting incentives. 


Essentials Program is a base level solution for those who want to offer an entry-level wellbeing initiative. 


Core Program offers the perfect mix of online and offline services for those who looking for a fully-managed wellness program.


Completely designed for you, the Enterprise Program is designed to address business challenges and provide a scalable solution for the larger organisation


We Get To Know Your Business 

We always start with what matters most to you. 


What does success look like for you? Understanding what you want to achieve, as well as the obstacles you and your team face, when it comes to individual health and well-being at work, is an important first step to delivering the right wellness solution. One that ensures, everyone can thrive and show up at their best everyday.

Our Wellness Pulse provides insights about your people and your culture, to help build a tailored wellness program that tackles the challenges your people face and aligns with your business objectives. 

We guide you and your team leaders on how to build a conscious culture and integrate wellness into your business to get the most out of your Program

Then, We Design Your Program

We work in partnership to create a successful wellness program that supports the vision and goals of your businessLeadership and management buy-in is core to our program, ensuring the goals of your organisation and your people are aligned.


Our Libratum Wellness Philosophy is core to our program and supports individuals across six elements of holistic wellness. 

Each program is carefully tailored to meet the needs of each individual and business we work with. 


We bring a unique combination of leading industry Wellness Experts to educate, support and motivate your people. Our focus is on meeting people where they are and taking them on a personal journey of self-improvement, to feel empowered to overcome life challenges and roadblocks that stop them living a happy and purposeful life. 

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