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Libratum Wellness in the Workplace
Libratum WellStart Program

For small-medium businesses

Businesses thrive when people thrive.


Libratum WellStart Program is a digital employee wellbeing program designed for small-medium businesses between 1 - 100 employees, to enhance and support individual employee wellbeing, team collaboration and skills development.


The WellStart Program offers your business it’s very own co-branded employee wellbeing platform – The Wellness Hub – supported by a host of wellbeing talks and digital activities from Libratum Wellness Experts across a wide range of topics that cover physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Discover how KeyedIn Solutions partnered with Libratum to bring an effective wellbeing program to their employees. Read the Case Study.

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Libratum WellStart Program

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Libratum WellStart Program

The Wellness Pulse 

Asking the right questions, to get the right insights into what matters most to your people and your business. 

The Wellness Hub

Digital based platform that can deliver both scale and reach, as well as always-on educational, inspirational, and motivational resources and expertise.


The Wellness Academy 

Skills, leadership and personal development across the Libratum Six Elements of Wellness, for leaders, managers and individuals.


Wellness Campaigns 

An always-on approach that connects your people to your wellbeing strategy and drives engagement and adoption in the offerings, resources and platform, to create a culture shift. 

On Demand Digital Gym

In partnership with Les Mills, the world’s largest creator of choreographed exercise classes, access up to 100 classes in the comfort and convenience of your home through the Libratum Wellness Hub.

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