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Libratum Wellness Academy

Mastering wellness in and out of the workplace 

Educate, Inspire,



Within the Libratum Employee Wellness Program, you have access to a range of expert-led wellness activities across the full spectrum of wellness, leadership and personal development, including challenges, talks, workshops, team and 1:1 coaching. 

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Our Masterclass Series are delivered by our specialist team of qualified Wellness Experts and Executive Coaches. Designed for Libratum and specifically aimed at professionals in the workplace, our Masterclasses set you up for success and provide opportunities for personal development and transformational break-throughs.  


Here is just a taster of what you can expect:

  • Become a Conscious Wellness Leader

  • Thriving Through Organisational Change

  • Building Resilience​​

  • From Management to Leadership

  • Pitch Perfect


Wellness Workshops

Our Wellness Workshops are delivered by our Wellness Experts. They focus on holistic wellness across the six elements of the Libratum Wellness Model and support individuals in a group or team setting to feel inspired and motivated.  

Wellness Workshops are a great tasters for those new to wellness and provide great tips and techniques that participants can use right away. Both interactive and fun, our workshops can be delivered in a lunch-hour or as part of a team event.  Here is a taster of what you can expect:

  • Menopause Mastery 

  • Understand and Overcome Anxiety

  • Nourishment for Health and Abundance

  • Better Workplace Relationships

Team Coaching

Our group coaching services are designed to support individuals in a group or team setting to achieving their personal lifestyle and wellness goals. Coaching is a powerful way of helping individuals and teams to uncover and remove the challenges and roadblocks that may be getting in the way of making meaningful and lasting change.

Group coaching can help individuals feel less isolated and more connected with others. Helpful in realising that we are all in it together and enabling us to explore solutions and practical strategies that move us forward with confidence and control.  

Public Speaker

Executive Coaching

Authentic leadership is the key to success.  We offer a selection of leadership wellness development programs and toolkits that enable leaders to manage change, drive team performance and support employees with their wellbeing goals.

Equally important, is the personal wellbeing of business leaders themselves, who can be more prone to suffer from stress-related illness, burn-out, adrenal fatigue and feelings of overwhelm, due to conflicting demands and priorities.

Our 1:1 Executive Wellness Coaching provides support to help guide business leaders to overcome the roadblocks to leading a successful life at home and at work. 

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