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 Wellness Hub

Co-branded Online Employee Wellness Portal 

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Libratum Wellness Hub 

Co-Branded Employee Wellness Hub

The Wellness Hub is one element of the Libratum Employee Wellness Program. The Hub is a unique, co-branded online wellness platform, designed for scale, reach and adoption of program activities.

The Wellness Hub is a comprehensive and highly-engaging platform centered around the Libratum six holistic elements of wellness that impact our life as a whole human being. 


Your Trusted Partner For Happy, Healthy, High-Performing Teams

With its engaging design and easy-to-use interface, the Hub offers a wide range of wellbeing content, support and advice, including: ​​​

  • Weekly Digest of the latest videos, articles & podcasts from wellness professionals 

  • Physical & mental health support 

  • Fun health & wellbeing challenges 

  • Leader & Manager resources

  • Interviews with business leaders & wellbeing experts 

  • Hub Community 

  • Challenges 

  • Member Benefits & Discounts


Packed with engaging online Les Mills workouts, recipes, articles, meditations, tools, tips and more from our network of qualified and experienced Libratum Wellness Experts. 

Business Leaders and

Wellbeing Experts

Mobile-friendly, 24/7 Access 


Tune-in to our Hub TV and Hub Talks for inspiring and insightful interviews with business leaders and wellness experts on a range of wellbeing, leadership and personal development topics.

The Wellness Hub provides mental health resources and educational content, alongside help and support areas.


Interested? Why not get in touch with our friendly team.

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