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Why Us?

Our Story - from humble beginnings to, organic growth and a deep passion for wellness 

Why Partner With Us?

Because we care. We care about you, your people, your business and the impact you make on society.


Our vision is to transform the lives and wellbeing of people at work and our mission is to help companies build a conscious culture of awareness and positive change, where people are empowered to achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals.

Our wellness solution puts our clients at a unique competitive advantage, where they not only attract and retain the very best talent, but also inspire their workforce to achieve and perform at their best.  


What’s unique about Libratum is that we work side-by-side with you to truly understand your business goals and the challenges you face. We tailor our approach to align with your values and vision to deliver a dynamic and transformative solution that supports you in achieving your goals and building a high-performing, resilient workforce who love you.

We want you to feel positive, be positive and drive positive change in the workplace with the help of our fully managed holistic wellness solutions, that enable your business to thrive and perform at its absolute best from the inside out.

Our Values









Employee Wellness

It Makes Business Sense

Our team of wellness professionals share the same high values and passion towards health and wellbeing, working in partnership to offer the right synergy and chemistry mix. 

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