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Inspire, Educate and Motivate a Happy, Healthy, High-Performing Workforce.

The intelligent AI-powered wellness solution that educates, motivates and inspires employees to feel and perform at their best, optimise their health and enhance their wellbeing.

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Intelligent AI-Powered 

Employee Wellbeing

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Libra: AI-Powered Wellness Coach

Employees can quickly and easily find professional wellness advice, solutions and services, when and wherever they need it. 

Libratum Wellness Hub

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Small habits make big changes. Find bite-sized, easily-consumable educational and inspirational content, training and toolkits. Developed by professionally qualified and experienced experts.


Libratum Wellness Academy

Quick and easy access 1:1 coaching, courses, assessments, clinic days, motivational challenges and webinars across the spectrum of  Libratum's Six Wellness Elements

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Intelligently-Guided Wellbeing Solution

Innovate your employee wellbeing provision, with the latest intelligent AI-powered holistic wellness solution.

Fast access to personalised and professional wellness advice, with 24/7 support, wherever and whenever, through multiple channels. Perfect whether on-site, remote or out of hours.

Grow employee engagement with proactive and automated prompts and notifications from Libra, that engage employees in conversations and keep them informed of relevant content, activities and services.

Boost productivity and elevate the employee experience by streamlining existing benefits, policies and systems, with the Libratum wellness solution. 

Trusted, secure and proven AI solution, that carefully controls access for employees to company resources and professional, verified wellness advice, from Libratum experts and reputable sources. All the benefits of AI, with trust and safety at the forefront. 

Transforming Employee Wellbeing


Working days are lost globally due to depression and anxiety


Are motivated by the program to improve their health and wellbeing 


Wellness Hub Members


AI technology genius and innovation 



“Libratum has been a valuable partner in shaping and delivering AstraZeneca UK’s wellness offerings, enabling our employees to make impactful choices around all elements of their wellbeing.
In an organisation that is performance-driven and believes in respect and inclusion, having the ability to have conversations around one’s wellbeing needs, make choices around how much to dial up or down over time one’s usage of wellbeing offerings and resources, and having a trusted partner to guide us through it has been valuable collectively and appreciated individually.“

HR Director, AstraZeneca


Transforming Your Business

From the Inside-Out


Attract and Retain Talent

Investing in a Libratum Wellness Program ensures your people feel valued and supported, staying with you for longer and elevating your organisation above competitors in the job market.


Growth, Performance & Productivity

Happier, healthier people perform better. Bringing creativity, innovation and passion that gives your business a competitive edge. With centralised knowledge management, bring your wellness and HR content together in one place for employees to consume from anywhere at anytime  


Reduce Costs

With improved staff retention, there comes reduced recruitment and training costs. Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism. The Libra AI Wellness Coach saves employee time, leading to improved operational efficiency and faster resolution.



On a mission to transform the lives and wellbeing of people at work.

We believe in building innovative and inspiring wellness solutions, that address modern day wellbeing challenges.

In today’s global workplace, we are witnessing a health crisis, high stress, rising mental health issues, and declining productivity. The need for wellness in the workplace has never been greater.


Libratum was founded by mother and daughter, Suzette Tagg and Megan Wesley, in 2020. Our mission is to transform the lives and wellbeing of people at work, leveraging the latest AI technology to inspire, educate and motivate a happy, healthy, high-performing workforce.

Libratum is supported by a team of professional wellness experts and practitioners, including psychologists, master coaches, neuroscientists, nutritionists, and more.

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